What we’re doing

Concept idea of Geburrh Centre Street Signage

An initiative of the Woodend Community, the Geburrh Centre is a proposed infrastructure project aimed at rejuvenating the existing library and community centre into a cultural arts precinct with supporting and complementary services.

We are focused on creating new and updated facilities at the existing Woodend Library/Squash Court site to better serve the community. This includes:

  1. New Market Hall: “Agora”
  2. Updated Library
  3. New Auditorium
  4. New Central Outdoor Space

Acting as a focal point for artistic endeavour, communications and sharing for all Woodend residents this new precinct is designed to serve as a resource for adjoining communities in the Macedon Ranges region.

Established at the start of 2016, the working group aims to:

  1. Identify the key groups that would benefit from the centres creation
  2. Articulate the strategy that will ensure quality feedback and outcomes are delivered
  3. Define the range of services and amenity that the community wants
  4. Solicit interest for funding and grants that will finance the infrastructure required to make the centre viable.
  5. Transfer the centres launch into an ongoing sustainable resource for the community